Wednesday, 15 June 2016 15:07


Thanks to the participants of our trainings and programs we are happy to believe that what we do helps Ukrainian journalism. And we bet you would believe that too if you read the training reviews of the three participants of the three security and war investigation trainings we have held this year.

Masha Kucher, Hromadske Radio:

It is hard to overestimate the benefit of this training for a journalist. Three days of practice on first-aid skills, working in the area of conflict, at public meetings, plus ballistics, mines and trip wires, as well as psychological peculiarities of being taken captive or sexual violence. And the fourth day - investigation based on open sources from Aric Toler, the analyst of Bellingcat.

I spent a lot of time on the front and all other sorts of riots, but it was on the training that my practical experience formed some well-knit system of knowledge.

Everything was so similar to real wounds, injuries, and accidents that some people came to help us when we were simulating a car accident. Possibly being sure in your abilities is the main thing here, Centurion Risk Assessment Services Limited gave me such confidence.

Kateryna Zhemchuzhnikova,

#mdfsecuritytraining Mines and tips on how to find trip wires, first aid at fractures, burns and open injuries of the abdomen, artificial blood and wounds, faked accident with victims, when real people rushed to help being unaware of our training. I would say those were the most interesting 3 days of training in my life! Thanks to the Centurion Risk Assessment Services Limited.

And have you heard about Bellingcat? Those are the cool guys that verify photos and videos including those from Donbass – who is shelling whom, whether there are any Russian troops in Ukraine, who did that ominous "Buk" belong to, and much more. Today ArikToler was tirelessly telling us how they do it. The impressive volume of data and stamina and endurance of those who compares them! I am very glad that there are such people in the world! Those were very fruitful and useful 4 days. Incredibly thankful for them!

Volodymyr Petrov, KyivPost:

I would like to thank the MDF for the opportunity to take part in the training on security and journalistic investigations. It was interesting for me to see how to provide first aid and to get practice in it. And it was particularly interesting to find out about the procedure for providing aid at open fractures, and in case of car accidents. I would also like to thank our coaches, who wanted to pass us all their skills and knowledge in such a short period of time. Thanks to the very intense program several days of training passed very quickly. It seems we have only got to know each other, but it is already the last day of training, and Arik Toler from Bellingсat provides practical advice on search of information and its systematization, in order to bring the investigation to an end. The training was conducted at the highest organizational level, for which we sincerely thank the organizers from MDF. I hope to see you at the next trainings!