Thursday, 10 November 2016 16:59

Ukraine-Belarus Journalism Exchange Program contest results

We are glad to announce the end of Ukraine-Belarus Journalism Exchange Program contest! This is the second time Ukraine-Belarus exchange is happening and this year we received more than one hundred applications from journalism students and young professionals. The selection process didn't pass easily for us, as we received so many applications from bright, talented people, but have only 5 monthly stipends to award. But we finally pulled ourselves together and are happy to announce the names of the contest winners:


Nastya Ivantsiv, “Vecherniy Brest”


Tetiana Kotashevska,


Darya Kuznetsova,


Darya Prokaza, “Brestskaya gazeta”


Yaroslava Tymoshchuk, “Vecherniy Grodno”


Rosana Tuzhanska,


Congratulations to our lucky colleagues!

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