Tuesday, 29 November 2016 10:51

Story of success: Andrii Prokopenko

We are especially proud to talk about the grand achievements of our interns and training participants. This time we are glad to share a success story from Mykolaiv, where Andrii Prokopenko, the participant of our first “School for Regional Journalists”, has founded a new bilingual on-line media Svidok.info. Svidok covers political and social events in the city and its region.


прокопенко2Andrii, how long does your web-site Svidok.info exist?


Our web-site was founded on September 1st, 2016. The first month and a half the website worked in a testing regime, while we were checking its facilities. The website wasn`t founded at once. We’ve been nursing the idea for some two years. The last six months before the launch were spent on the search of all the necessary resources.




What is the main idea of the Svidok.info?


We try to establish the civic journalism in Mykolaiv. The project was mine and my friend’s idea. As you can already see, the project is developing very fast. We are still improving our website, so we may still surprise you in future. But even at this moment, Svidok.info has already gained some popularity among Mykolaiv citizens, who appeared to be very willing to share their  news with us.




How did you search for sponsors of your project?


From the very beginning, we decided not to seek support from the politician to avoid the interference in our work. Thus we decided to invest our own money into the project. We also did a lot of things by ourselves. For example, our website was developed by Denis Semerikov, who is one of the co-founders of Svidok.info. Our friends, who run their own businesses and are not connected with either national or local politics gave us with the equipment. Though money is always an issue for us.




Do you have an editorial staff?


No, we don't. Yet. The idea of the project is to create a newsroom out of Mykolaiv citizens. We basically want to create a platform on which city residents will be able to share the news they’ve witnessed and found important. That doesn’t mean we don’t need the newsroom. We do, we have to edit and publish a lot of information.


Now my journalist-friends help me out as volunteers. But as soon as we find an office we’ll start gathering the editorial staff.




Was the experience that you gained during the School For Regional Journalists (MDF educational project for journalists) helpful when you started to work at svidok.info?


This MDF`s program not just introduced all the modern ways of creating news to me, but it also gave me a great impulse to start my own project. For some time I knew that I want to work on my own project, but I wasn’t sure how to do it effectively. It is thanks to the School For Regional Journalists I know how to make my website unique and different from the others.



We are very proud of Andrii Prokopenko and highly recommend to read svidok.info.